We encourage you to order your full allocation immediately to guarantee availability. PLEASE REMEMBER: if you would like additional wines beyond your allocation, let us know and we can negotiate more for your allocation.

Shipping rates are dependent on your specific location within the United States. Bird of Night uses a third party shipping facility to fulfill any orders that need to be packaged and shipped. Only licensed carriers will be used. Please contact - shane@birdofnightwines.com to arrange shipping dates and to find out what dates works best for you.

*For Shipments within California there is a $35 flat rate charge for up to a case of wine.

During the warmer and hotter months of the year, we recommend waiting for cooler dates and we reserve the right for proper shipment. We want to ensure the wine gets to you an optimal condition. This is why our release is in the spring time to ensure milder weather.

At this time we can't offer this method.

Once your allocation is purchased, you have 30 days to arrange for your wines to get to you in a safe manner. Bird of Night wines is not liable once that time has passed without further direction from purchaser.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us immediately so that we may replace the bottles or refund the purchase price. Because of variable storage conditions, we can only replace wines or issue refunds up to 90 days after wine has been shipped, picked up or dropped off.

If you have any questions about our policies please contact us at shane@birdofnightwines.com or 707-486-6500.